Porting Kit 5.0 Released in experimental mode!

Yeah! Awesome work of Vitor, bringing Porting Kit to Porting Kit 5.0. Its still in Experimental mode at the moment (Porting Kit preferences –> select experimental mode if you want to check it out already) and when there are no issues, then we will release it in the main branch within a few days! A lot of changes and fixes are implemented. Also a few very important ones.

Here is the list:
– install_mono and install_gecko processes should be killed during wine prefix creations
– Fixing installation notification
– When bringing the installer window to front, PK shouldn’t fail the installation if it fails to find the window
Added option to uninstall the Porting Kit
– After the cache is cleared, the default library should be loaded normally
– Adding keyboard shortcut to Kill All Wineskin Processes
– DOSBox master wrapper should be downloaded properly
– If an app is being installed in a removable device, its creation should happen completely inside that device
– Adding warning in case CD port is being installed with no disc inserted
– Adding source ID field to Developer tab
– Now it’s possible to add the source ID of a port in its flags with ${sourceId}
– Cancel button now closes the installation window, to avoid further operations
– If the installation is cancelled, the next step shouldn’t start
Advances towards making PK Linux compatible
– Trying to avoid an undefined model in macOS
MoltenVK versions other than 1.1.6 should be handled correctly
– Organizing Wine/Wineskin naming
– Adding a default scrollbar to PK
– If an engine has no MD5 in the server, it should still be used in case it’s downloaded
– It should be possible to save the same port multiple times in the Developer tab
– Rephrased some sentences so it suits any system
– Properties window should work properly
– Adding www to the requests, to avoid issues with CloudFlare
– Refactoring the Porting Kit from Javascript to Typescript
– Multiple other bug fixes and improvements

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  1. Seems to be an issue with creating a new custom port wrapper if you’re using the standard options in this latest 5.0.0 build. When choosing an engine, window driver, and dependencies, the engine selection isn’t getting properly passed during the wrapper creation. It’s defaulting to WS11WineCX19.0.2-3, even if you chose a different one. Going through the advanced options, however, does pass the correctly selected engine and the wrapper gets created with this and not the default above.

  2. Thanks for letting us know. We found the bug as well and has been fixed. We will push the fixed 5.0 version to the production today or tomorrow.

  3. Hi Paul, I’ve been testing porting kit 5 on MacOS catalina but new libMoltenVK.dylib from custom port is not workable for this specific MacOS version.

    Tested on iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2013)
    with external GPU: Radeon RX 5500 XT 8 GB

    Using previous libMoltenVK.dylib from Steambuild 64bit/D3d11 works. Does the Porting Kit 5 libMoltenVK.dylib add any graphical fix?

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