Porting Kit 5.1.3 released!

An important update with fix has been released today! PK updated to 5.1.3! Besides the important DVXK fix which fixes some very popular games, like Skyrim SE, Age of Empires 2 DE, Age of Empires 3 DE, Freedom Fighters, Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Besides that the Porting Kit pages in the app, will have 2 extra tabs with FAQ and a direct link to the specific game forum. See further fixes and improvements below.

Changes Porting Kit from 5.013 to 5.1.3 (20/04/2022):

  • Updating server config version
  • Recovering support to older Wineskin versions
  • ‘Install DXVK’ step renamed to ‘Install MoltenVK’
  • Library loading should place trailer and buttons behind the loading spinner
  • FAQ description should be editable by developer
  • Updating master wrapper related paths to fit with the latest version
  • Library buttons should be properly selectable again
  • It should be possible to pick a video card manually, if desired
  • Fixing new folder locations for Wineskin
  • Added possibility to enable/disable analytics from Preferences window
  • If an invalid pattern is used as filename, PK should just don’t match with any file
  • The /tmp folder needs to be writable for Wineskin to work
  • Adding FAQ Description for apps

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