Porting Kit and game ports runs on Monterey 12.0 Public Beta.

Here a quick update on the recent situation regarding Monterey 12.0 and Porting Kit and the game ports. And we have good news! I tested Porting Kit with some games in Monterey 12.0 public beta, and everything (so far) is working as attended. I tested the Porting Kit application including some games I already installed earlier on Big Sur 11. 5 and those are still working out of the box. So that’s good to know. Secondly, I tested some game installations and these will now run as well. Tested the Pharaoh Installation and that one worked as attend. Also tested a Steam install and login and running a game. All works fine. I still need to check improvements on the M1 Apple Silicon Mac.

Games tested and all working so far:
– Pharaoh Gold
– The Guild Gold
– C&C Tiberian Sun
– C&C Red Alert 2 (DVD)
– C&C Red Alert 3 (Steam)
– Company of Heroes (Steam)
– Jewel Quest 2 and Jewel Quest 3.

So these are great perspectives for the official release of the Monterey 12.0 Mac OS. That all works fine at first sight doesn’t mean that there might be a sporadic port which needs some attention, but the last Mac OS version change (Catalina 10.15 to Big Sur 11) didn’t gave (luckily) not much trouble as well.  Let’s hope this will be kept that way. We had precociously a block on Porting Kit on Mac OS Monterey 12.0m but removed them yesterday.  So everyone who has the public beta of Monterey 12 (minimum Beta 5), can now test and use Porting Kit on it.

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