Porting Kit Tips: Screen Capture!

I am doing a series of tip posts to learn more about Porting Kit and all it’s features. I already did the first tutorial about themes. If You missed that one, you can read about that tip up here…






Today we discuss the special feature: Screen capture! You maybe wouldn’t expect that feature in Porting Kit, but we have it implanted indeed. You can find the feature under the Porting Kit menu –> Tools –> Start Screen Capture. It will then ask for a location to save the screen capture. Then Select a nice spot, choose if you want to have the mouse cursor on your capture and in what resolution you want to capture. When you made your mind start a Porting Kit game to capture or anything else you had in mind. Yes this also means “non” Porting Kit stuff ;)

When you are finished. You can stop the screen capture using the “Stop Screen Capture” option in the Porting Kit –> tools menu or a more aggressive method with a combination key of cmd + q (closes Porting Kit as well). Then check the results in your where you saved the screen-capture.

Enjoy this cool feature in Porting Kit! If you have more cool stuff you want in Porting Kit, or you have good Suggestions, then please let us know so we can make Porting Kit even better then it already is! Use the “Contact” feature in Porting Kit to reach us.

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Love the work we do? Become a Patron… and get extra Tiers!

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