Porting Kit Tips: Themes!

We will drop now and then a few “Hidden features” of Porting Kit. Most people use Porting Kit in the “default” way, while Porting Kit is so much more. We try to make an awesome experience in use and in looks.

Did you know that you can change the Porting Kit theme?
When you go to the Porting Kit menu in the top bar. You can go to “Preferences” –> edit/change. There you wil get into a menu where you can choose between: 3 modes, 4 themes (Default, Blue Galaxy, Boxer Dark Shelf and Boxer Light Shelf) and background color. This way you can make Porting Kit look awesome, in the way you like it to be.

Besides that you can still change in the library between Icon view and List view. The most beautiful is of course the Icon view, but if you are more practical and when you want overview, you can switch to list view. It simply doesn’t matter, you can change it fast and easy with just one click of the mouse button. Enjoy Porting Kit! Suggestions and tips can always be sent using the contact form, and maybe we can implant it into Porting Kit. We are open for every idea :)

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