Porting Kit Tutorials

Always check this page for install instructions of Porting Kit. Porting Kit 3.0 has still some bugs and incompletions  like not apple code-signed, and not auto-moving to the apps/application folder. So make sure you do those things manually using instructions of the Porting Kit page… 

For Catalina at the moment make sure SIP is disabled. We work on a SIP enabled version, but it takes a little bit of time.
Video instructions below are about basic installation of games in Porting Kit. Over 95% of the games in the Porting Kit database are working in Catalina as well.

Porting Kit in Catalina 10.15.x. (GOG/Steam/Uplay installations are covered in this video)

Installing GOG.com games in Porting Kit

Installing CD/DVD games in PortingKit


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