Porting Kit update 2.5.45

Porting Kit has regulaire updates with all kind of small fixes features. Most of the time we only put news posts on big releases or important bug fixes, and this time it’s because of important bug fixes. Because for the ones noticed, steam wrappers had some serious error messages, because of Winetricks and installer downloads which failed. This is fixed in the latest version, so make sure to update your Porting Kit to latest version! You can do that manually in the Porting Kit top menu. Tip to select the automatic update select box in preferences to always go with the flow :)

Important fixes:

  • Fixed: Debug mode now is only runnable for Wineskin ports (which is the only case where it works)
  • Fixed: Checksum errors shouldn’t appear if a file is only available in WebArchive
  • Fixed: Most Uplay ports should work again
  • Improved: PK should try to download a DRM installer three times before giving up

If you want to see the whole list of changes the past time, check here…

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