Porting Kit update 5.0.13 released!

An important release of Porting Kit with an important fix when adding the port to the PK local library. In previous version the ports regularly weren’t added causing justified confusing where the port was. This has now been addressed and working properly again. The update has been done last week, but check to be sure if you have version 5.0.13.

Changes 5.0.13 (31/03/2022):

  • Removing error report if failed to prepare context menu
  • Opening the description of a server app shouldn’t break the local library
  • WSI editor window should be closable again
  • Minor adjust when recovering app name
  • New apps should be added to the local library properly
  • Registry entries shouldn’t have quotes in the name field, but if they do, PK will handle them properly
  • Now it should be possible to launch multiple WSI editors at once
  • The folder where the installers are looked for now can be changed in the userData.json file

When your PK somehow doesn’t update after a while, then re-download Porting Kit from the porting Kit website up here…


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