The Portingkit

The Portingkit is a free Mac application, which will port the Windows games in the Portingkit database so you can play it on the Mac as an app! The Portingkit is the replacement of all the individual Wrappers which are scattered around on the game pages on this site. The Portingkit will automatically create the Wrapper and even install it automatically when you use the version or Gamersgate version of the game. If the game in the database is a free game, in most cases it will even automatically download the game as well! The Portingkit will make life much easier and will also save me tons of bandwidth and hosting-space, because a Portingkit file/script weighs about 1mb comparing the around 80mb Wrapper size.

Now the question is: how to use the Portingkit? Well, this page will show you how to use it, including some instruction videos. There will also be a FAQ in the end that will answer some common questions.

The program:
In order to use the program you need to download it. That can be done on this website or on the website. The Portingkit website seems to be at the moment not compatible with all browsers, so if you don’t see the big blue download icon on the homepage there, use Firefox to have the best results. But as said before, you can download it from the blog pages as well.

When you downloaded the program and unzipped it, you can launch the program. As you can see below the program contains 6 tabs.
1. News –> Shows the blog page for latest news.
2. Library –> Where you can find the Portingkit game database and you local installed games
3. Rankings –> Latest ports – Highest Rated – Most Downloads
4. Community –> Forum
5. FAQ –> most common questions and answers
6. Donate –> support our hard work

Portingkit new GUIThe Library tab is the place where all the fun happens. It contains a “Local” tab where you see all your local installed game ports in your programs. And there is the “Server” tab where you can find the game database with all the available games.

The Local Library tab:
As mentioned earlier, here you can find all the local game ports located in the Application folder. Also the Wineskin Wrappers which aren’t added in the Portingkit database yet. When selecting that particular game port the description will say “No description available”, but the play button is still available and can be used to launch the game from out the Portingkit. If you have many games in your local library, you can use the  “search” option to search the game you want. The Play button explains itself, and the trailer button will show the trailer of the game when available.

Then there are a couple more option with the “right click” (make sure this setting is turned on in your mouse settings). when right-clicking a game in the local Library you will see 3 options:
1. Play –> Launches the game
2. Remove –> will first ask to only remove it from Portingkit, then if it also needs to be deleted from harddisk.
3. Properties –> will open wineskin with its options (sometimes it opens up at the back of the Portingkit Window, move the Portingkit window to see it).

The Server Library tab:
Here it all happens. Here you find the game database with all the games available. When you want to port a game into the Portingkit select the game of choice and click “Download”. These scripts will automatically download and tweak the Wrapper for that specific game.

The installation contains 5 fases
1. Downloading the WSI file
2. Choice what version of the game ( or Gamersgate or only one of them)
3. Download of the Engine
4. Download and applying tweaks and Winetricks
5. Installation of the game

Source portingkitThe first fase is logic, the second is from importance about which version (“Source”) of the game you have ( or Gamersgate). Choose the version you want to install and the Portingkit will automatically install the game. To make the Portingkit to install it automatically, you need to or have the Gamersgate download file into your “downloads” folder or the setup file. To make this happen you need to download the setup files manually because has also a download client, but that will create folders in the download folder what the Portingkit won’t see. So make sure the setup files are in the root “Download” folder. If this is done correctly the Portingkit will recognize the setup file and install it into the Portingkit so you can play the game. In some cases you need to do one more action if the Wrapper needs a specific Winetrick which need a specific file (Like msxml3 and gdiplus). In that case the Portingkit will pop-up a window and sent you to a download site where you can download the file which you can put into that pop-upped window. The Portingkit will take care of the rest.Very important: always end the installation of the game first before launching it! or Origin installers give the option to login or launch the game after the installation…DON’T, just click “Exit” with games, and close Origin, so you will see the message “Port created succesfully”. Then you can go to your local tab and select the installed game and click “play”.

This is the main story about the Portinkit. The database is getting filled daily with new game ports, so check it out regularly. When the Ranking tab is is functional in the Portingkit you can easily see whats new and what game ports are the most popular. The Portingkit is still beta but development of the program go’s rapidly. We hope to have a stable good featured application where all tabs will be functional, in the summer. enjoy the app!

Frequently asked questions about the Portingkit:

Do I need to install “Mono” (pop-ups all the time when wrapper is created)?.
No, cancel it when it appears. Its not needed.

I cannot see the videos in the new tab (“Blocked Content”).
Update to latest flash-player and it will be fixed.

Will only Steam or version work in the Portingkit?
no, there are moure sources, like CD/DVD version will work as well, but in that case the game might fail to work or a Crack/no-CD patch is required. Thats why I recommend or Steam.

How can I check for updates of the program?:
When the Portingkit doesn’t do this automaticly already, then go when you have opened the Portingkit to left upper corner of the Taskbar and click on “Portingkit” –> “Check for updates”.

Video Tutorials:

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