Portingkit 3.0 beta has been released!

Yes finally after some delay the beta of Porting Kit 3.0 has been released! It contains fixes and a total restructure of the Porting Kit graphical interface.











The GUI overhaul was been chosen because of some confusement with the local library tab and the server tab. With this new look we hope to have everything in view. On the right the window where you can find all game ports added on the database. On the left all your installed game ports.

When clicking on the “v” at the end of a game port, you have all the usual options. Besides that you can click on the game port and the usual view of the trailer and the “Play” and “More” options will be there as all times. When you want to see al server/database ports again, click the back “<” button to get the main view in the library.

Besides the Graphical change the update contains also lots of fixes, like: Showing all icons when searching for specific game. (earlier the last row was showing a windmill (loading icon), Winetrick fix (Directx9) which was failing and thus dozens of games were not working properly. And some more. See all changes below. Before the stable 3.0 release we at least want to fix the extra error bugs you regularly get with installing (read not the GOG.com installation errors) which has to do somehow with the “Unofficial wine engines”. But we had to release the update to fix some important bugs.

You can update to the latest beta by updating manually using the Portingkit menu ==> and choose “check for updates”. If it is greyed out, then restart Porting Kit first. Enjoy!!!


  • Added: New library that merges the local and the server libraries
  • Fixed: Alerts should have the Dark style in macOS 10.13- if the Dark mode is selected
  • Fixed: Avoiding exception while listing Wineskin available engines
  • Fixed: The directx9 winetrick should be installed with an older version of winetricks
  • Fixed: Engines listing should work properly in the legacy version
  • Added: Support to the Intel Coffee Lake CPU and Intel UHD
  • Improved: Crash Logs send by PK
  • Changed: If your computer is incompatible with the Porting Kit, it should close on startup after giving the warning
  • Fixed: Avoiding error when running Wineskin wrapper through library
  • Fixed: Only one port can be installed at a time

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