Portingkit GUI Contest! How should the Portingkit look like?

Calling all graphical artists!! The Portingkit is getting more and more advanced and its time to get a proper layout for the Portingkit. And we decided to let you guys help to create a new colorful interface! How do you picture the Portingkit? Let us know, we need your input! Sent you ideas graphical designs etc. to Vitor Marques using the contact option in the Portingkit itself or sent an email to Vitor Marques.

We need your ideas and input so bad that we want to reward the people supporting the community with a free game of choice (Mac game or Windows game to use it with a Wrapper), a premium membership and your name will receive the honor to get into the credits of the Portingkit! So get your graphical application and let us know your ideas! All Ideas will be shown on the blog and the one with the most votes and best graphical interface will win the contest!!

Let’s make Vitor’s mailbox overflow with cool designs!! Thanks in advance guys!!

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