Portingkit update 3.0.42 and fix engines download Mojave and below.

Original Wineskin Website down:
Porting Kit 3.0 got an update fixing a few things. It seems that the original Wineskin website is offline for a while which caused problems in Porting Kit downloading Wine Engines for Mac OSX Mojave and below. So if you had earlier a message “This engine is not available” then this problem has now been resolved with the latest version of Porting kit.

New Portingkit update enforced:
So make sure you update to the latest version. Porting Kit has enforced the update to Porting Kit, but check the version in “About porting Kit” that the version is 3.0.42. We are not sure how long the issue was present, but it might be over a month. So if you read this and you had this issue the past weeks, then please retry installing your game, because the prblem has now been resolved.

Porting Kit Legacy retires:
Porting Kit legacy has been there for a long time, but has been harder and harder to maintain and prevents further development for Catalina and up. Also because the usage of the app dropped wide under the 1 percent, so there are just very few people using it anyway. The Porting Kit Legacy app can still be downloaded, but will not be supported anymore. Also the big download link for Porting Kit legacy is gone, but is still available.

Porting kit 4.0 development is making process:
Progress of Porting Kit 4.0 (Works SIP enabled) is under heavy development and the basics are almost in place which means in not too long there will be a beta available which is especially interesting for Mac OS Catalina users :)

Check the new download page of Porting Kit up here…

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