About the Portingkit

Here a small info page about the Portingkit. The Portingkit is a free application which will replace all existing Wrapper downloads on paulthetall.com using simple scripts. The Portingkit uses those scripts to do all the work (downloading wrapper, doing Winetricks, tweaking register, etc.). The only thing you have to do, is to open the Portingkit and select in the library –> server tab the game of choice and click “Download” and the Portingkit will create a port (Wrapper) and install (or even download) the game into the port. It will even make it totally an automatic process when you have the specific setup/download file of the digital Windows game is in your “download” folder. Then simply go to the Library –> local tab and select the game you installed and click “Play”. That’s it :)

In the end all the existing games and all the new ones will be adopted in the Portingkit and will make it the all you need for gaming application on your Mac!

For more info about the Portingkit, go the portingkit.com website.

Portingkit screenshot


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