Possible Wrapper creation issue after latest update + Steam issue fixed. (resolved)

Update: Problems resolved. No porting kit update was required.


To cover two things in one post. I have some good news and (very temporarily bad news :P. The update of PK last night (we have to deal with a lot of things and challenges lately regarding Mac OS) may broke the wrapper creation (screenshot). You can workaround it to put your Porting Kit in the “Enable Experimental features” mode. You can do that using the “Portingkit top menu –> preferences –> select the “Enable Experimental features” checkbox” and restart porting Kit. then it should be fixed. We will fix the issue today so we hope the hinder will be at a minimum.

Number two, we managed to fix the default steam bug not showing the stare (black screens). Normally we had a workaround using these settings… these aren’t required anymore in new steam port installations.

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  1. Hi there, I bought The Elder Scrolls Oblivion on Steam and wanted to use porting kit to port my copy of oblivion to mac. So I have successfully done that but the problem is whenever I launch the app itself, the whole process involving steam opens and up and my app freezes at the point where it says “Connecting Steam Account” and it takes several attempts involving force quitting the app to fix it.

    Please is there any fix for this‍??

    Thank you!

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