Amiga games

All your Amiga games for the Mac!!

Yes, you read this right! After loads of work, efforts it is possible to get all (except a few which needs the numlock part of the keyboard too or perhaps you know a fix for it) your cool Amiga games running on your Mac with just one double-click!!. Below the video I made how to use this software and a few example games. Imagine to play all your golden oldies again, but now on your Mac! Let your thoughts go back into time….

– Sensible Soccer
– Wings
– Civilization
– Another World
– Flashback
– Themepark
– Syndicate
– Monkey Island 1 + 2
– Dune 2
– Jungle Strike
– Desert Strike
– Countless more awesome games which are cooler on the Amiga then on DOS.

How to get this wrapper/Requirements?
Premium member
– Proof of purchase of Amiga Forever

Known issues:
Don’t press F-11 it will brings up a preferences menu of WinUAE which you cannot close. Besides that Numlock part on keyboard doesn’t work properly. For the rest it works awesome!

Screenshots Flashback, Sensible Soccer

Video DEMO that it works great!

Where to download/get you favorite AMIGA games:
There are a lot of places where to get your AMIGA games. But one in my opinion is the best: It has tremendous games and shows you screenshots and info and all kinda stuff like that.

Have fun with your great golden oldies!

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