MSX games

All your MSX games for the Mac!!

After the successful DOS project there is now even a more simple MSX program. OpenMSX is an opensource program which reads MSX ROM’s. So with just one double click you can run all you favorite MSX again!
Think about it… like:

– Metal Gear
– Metal Gear 2
– Usas
– Nemesis
– Contra
– Pinguin Adventure
– F-1 Spirit
– Kings valley 1 + 2
– Space Manbow
– KingKing 2
– SD Snatcher
– Countless others…

And they are all in your grasp! Download “openMSX” here… for your game ROMS and “RuMSX” here… for all your game Disks, and put it in you applications folder. Download MSX ROM’s and Disks all over the internet to see how simple this works with a simple double-click!

Screenshots Metal Gear 2

How to use openMSX video:

Where to download/get you favorite MSX games:
There are a lot of places where to get your MSX games. Just google for “MSX ROM’s” and you will get loads of sites. Remember that not all MSX games are freeware even after almost 20 years!.

Have fun with your great golden oldies!

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