PSI Ops: Mind Conspiracy for Mac OSX

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Game Details:

Enjoy this amazing fun action/strategy game on the Mac by becoming a Silver  VIP member and besides getting this game port and 2 others (Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe and Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn) you are supporting my hard work to get more Windows ported to the Mac!

Game description:
A traditional shooter in many respects, Psi-Ops banks on its ragdoll physics (by way of Havok 2.0) and variety of psychic powers to differentiate itself. In Japan and Southeast Asia/East Asia, the game was marketed by Capcom as Psi-Ops: Psychic Operation. In the game, the player is Nick Scryer, a “PSI-Operative” whose mind has been wiped to allow him to infiltrate a terrorist organization. However, he is captured and must fight his way out with the help of Sara, a double agent. As he progresses, he regains his PSI powers.

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