Quest For Infamy for the Mac!

Quest for Infamy is a wonderful homage to the Sierra and LucasArts classics of old but with a fresh feeling. Literally hundreds of beautifully hand-painted backgrounds, characters, and beasts await you on your quest. Quest for Infamy is filled with colorful characters and metaphors, double, triple, and even quadruple entendres, and is, plain-and-simple.

Quest For Infamy is a role-playing adventure game where you assume the identity of Mr. Roehm – a scoundrel who is on the run from his latest scrape. When he is stuck in the Valley of Krasna for a bit, he decides to take on some work to pass the time. He finds himself in the middle of Kingdom in tubulence – as he becomes embroiled in a power struggle between several ambitious residents of the Valley.

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