Re-volt for Mac!

The version of Re-volt has been re-added to Porting Kit! This is the only version which works and also supports higher resolutions and above al works on M1 Apple Silicon as well! I tested the game on my M1 Apple Silicon Macbook Air without issues so far. Have fun!

Basic Portingkit Install Instructions GOG games:
1. Download the Re-volt “offline backup setup” file(s) into your download folder.
2. Always read the “notes” of the game description first for additional steps!
3. Go to the library server tab and select the game you want to install and click “Install”
4. Portingkit will create the wrapper and locate your setup file in your download folder
5. The installation of the game will start, run through the install wizard.
6. After installation, exit the installer (don’t run launch the game).
7. Porting kit will say it has finished successfully.
8. Go to your local library tab and select the game and click “play”!
9. Enjoy the game!

Game Description:
Yes, Re-Volt is that old school radio control car racing themed video game released by Acclaim Entertainment in 1999. The fact there still is an active community playing this game proofs that this was and is a great game.

Go to the game page of the game on Porting Kit up here…

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Love the work we do? Become a Patron… and get extra Tiers!

  1. 0Hello, thank you for your great job. I have tried to use porting kit to play City Car Driving, but it just quit instantly when I open it, would you like to help see if you can fix it?

  2. This question is off-topic however, you can try to use the Steambuild D3D11, but if that doesnt work. Then it needs to get on my todo list.

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