Real Myst added to Porting Kit

Now Myst V and Myst II are ported, it is time to release the first Myst in 3D (Real Myst) as well! Real Myst is a must have in the Myst collection and works even on low-end Macs as my Intel HD 5000 Macbook air. This classic is only $5,99 on, but there is also an Real Myst Masterpiece Edition which is native Mac! The only down side of that version is that is overpriced ($17,99)… It’s up to you.

Remastered version of the best-selling adventure game – Myst. Now with free 360° movement, improved animations and more! This is how the creators of this game wanted it to look like from the very beginning! So turn off the lights, turn up your speakers and get ready for one of the most immersing and surrealistic experiences of your life!

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