Red Alert 2 CD version back in Porting Kit + tested in Catalina.

Great news, after many request to have at least Red Alert 2 working again with an Origin alternative, I re-added the First Decade DVD version (only) of Red Alert 2. Yuri Revenge, unfortunately couldn’t be added because of the CD copy protection. Red Alert 2 is DRM free and can be installed and played it  without needing of the CD mounted/in the drive. I tested the game on Catalina 10.15.4 and just works great. The only thing (because of porting kit forces the window in front of the screen while installing) the serial window (where you have to enter the serials) flashes regularly which makes it harder to enter the serial. Luckily a one time action and then the fun can begin! IF you have the First Decade DVD you can also use it to install C&C Renegade.

For Catalina users: Make sure SIP is disabled and that the Porting Kit app is located in your Apps/Application folder. If you want SIP to be enabled, I strongly recommend Crossover for now for the time being.

Install instructions CD (First decade DVD):
1. Put the DVD (or mount DVD ISO Image) before clicking install in Porting Kit.
2. Search the game and click install, enter the First decade serial, then choose custom install
3. Choose only Red Alert 2 into the wrapper (Yuri Revenge does not work)
4. After install, close the install process accordingly.
5. Press play

For more info go to the game page up here…

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  1. Will the origin link work again?

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