Red Alert 3 and Red Alert 3 Uprising available again in PK. Origin ports replaced by Steam.

As many of you may know, The EA Origin client is suffering big time in Wine after they shutdown support for XP and the old client. This change causes malfunction of some cool games like the C&C Red Alert 2 and C&C Red Alert 3. I tried to solve the issue with the latest Wine engines with no avail. However, hope is not lost. I managed to have it working using an alternative source, named Steam :) They Still have these games in their database, and I bought the Red Alert 3 Steam serials for you guys, in order to have it working as alternative for Origin. When the EA Origin Client through time is working again, I will re-add the Origin sources again.

I will replace where possible (Need for Speed undercover, Need for speed Shift, Need for speed – Hot Pursuit, Burnout Paradise,  C&C 3), with Steam ones. To start with Red Alert 3 + Uprising! Yes, and now both games work! In origin, there was a bug only that Red Alert 3 Uprising was working, but in the Steam version both games work :) Have fun!

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