Release Porting Kit 4.1.17

We have a new update for Porting Kit 4 today! This time we are on 4.1.17! In this release we have builtin a couple of extra features (which we had in Porting Kit 3 as well) and a fix. Let’s check them out in separate subjects.

DXVK fix:
This version has a bugfix for Directx11 support for 64 ports like: Age of Empires 2 DE, Age of Empires 3 DE, Skyrim SE, Hitman Absolution, Freedom Fighter, Witcher 3. There sneaked in a bug which has now been resolved in this version.

“Install now” functionality on the website:
This worked in PK3 already but now also in PK4, yes I am talking about the “install now” button on the website. You probably saw the button “install now” when looked into the Porting Kit game database on the website. Now this functionality will work in PK4. It doesn’t matter if Porting Kit is closed or open, when you click on “install now”, Porting Kit will prompt straight away the install wizard to install the port. It’s a great feature and it saves you from searching the game in the  Porting Kit app.

“Clear Caches” option under tools:
We heard this request from users who were missing that option in Porting Kit 4. With this option (which you can find using the top bar menu under “Tools”) you can clear:
– Wineskin Library caches
– Clear Winetricks
– Porting Kit Local Cache
– Porting Kit Temp folder
This option may come in handy when you ever have some issues regarding Porting kit.

Check the change log up here…

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