Release Porting Kit 4.2.29

We just now released Porting Kit 4.2.29. There are some import fixes in it which made us rush the update now then waiting a couple of weeks. There is for example an important timeout build in when a specific Winetrick file source is unavailable.  Instead of hanging for a long while, it will now choose another file location. Also a more common bug should be fixed regarding: “There is no Windows Program configured to open this type of file” should be fixed as well.

Updating may take a long while (depending on high traffic even an hour). Alternatively you can select the autoupdate feature and then all will be done in the background anyways. When you have no patience, then you download latest version from the Porting Kit Website manually :)

Changes Since 4.2.20
– Adding option to enable esync in WSI files
If the destination path is invalid, the user shouldn’t be able to proceed
– Added button to edit description of local apps
– When creating custom ports in experimental mode, the user should be able to select between
installing with standard options, or with advanced options, using the WSI editor
– When exporting WSI files, the user should be able to edit the WSI file
– WSI1 files should be loaded from the server properly
– Custom properties should never be undefined
– Local apps should only store the relevant data
Trying to identify bug “Cannot read property ‘type’ of undefined”
– If the master wrapper fails to download, PK should wait 3 seconds until it tries again
– macOS hidden files shouldn’t be suggested when creating new ports
– Added option to terminate native apps
“There is no Windows Program configured to open this type of file” issue fixed
– Adding workaround to the description editor to avoid issues with the underline button
– Steam wrappers should be identified accordingly when adding new ports to the server
– Adding default description to new server apps
Winetricks download should always work properly
– If Desktop access is removed after it was granted, PK should still work
– Downloads should have a 10 second timeout in case nothing is downloaded

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