Retro City Rampage released for Mac!

Well, we saw this one coming. When I checked my account I saw a few updates with also a Mac version for Retro City Rampage. This game worked native Windows already, so it’s quite logical that a more official Mac version was released in the end by I updated the game page to a Mac game page now because no Crosstie or Wrapper is needed anymore. Where this game is about? Check the trailer below to find out.

You are out on a lovely jaunt of CRIME CAPERS when you were ambushed by the EVIL GOOD GUYS, who will stop at nothing to end your RAMPAGE OF DOOM throughout Theftropolis City. Retro City Rampage is a parodic paean to old-school gaming and the culture of the 80’s, referencing many classic game experiences while providing modern-day open-world mechanics, all wrapped in glorious 8-bit graphical goodness.

You can find the updated game page up here…

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