Return to Mysterious Island 2 for Mac OSX

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Game Details:

Return to Mysterious Island 2 (Mac) is an adventure game with nice graphics similar to for example Syberia. This game is released also for the Mac by the publisher Anuman Interactive, so no port is necessary. You can buy the game on Gamersgate using the links mentioned here. Enjoy the game!

Some 150 years after the events illustrated in the book, Mina a young and courageous sailor, while participating to the Jules Verne competition, ends up on a mysterious island after her boat’s wreck. The adventure ends when Mina and Jep get on the helicopter that came to save them. As soon as they’re on board, something hits them, and the helicopter ends into the lake… Ecology, survival and exploration, this game will show you the island’s secrets are not solved yet….



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