Rise of Nations Extended Edition for Mac

Update! 18 April: Fixed a bug in launching the game. If you experienced it before 18th April, please trash the old install and reinstall the port.

On many request!! It’s here! Rise of Nations Extended Edition for Mac. It was long on the wishlist and now fulfilled! The Steam Game works very nicely and if you love strategy then this one is a must have in your game collection. I tested the game for a few levels and was quite impressed of the gameplay which is a bit like Empire Earth.

Game description:
Rise of Nations is a real-time strategy game that spans all history. Start with a single city in the Ancient Age; gather resources; build an infrastructure; research technologies; construct Wonders of the World such as the Pyramids and the Eiffel Tower; and expand your military might across the world, conquering hostile nations with bombers, battleships, and tanks—all over your lunch hour!

For Catalina users: Make sure SIP is disabled and that the Porting Kit app is located in your Apps/Application folder. If you want SIP to be enabled, I strongly recommend Crossover for now for the time being

Install instructions Steam:
– in Portingkit click install when the game is selected. This installs the Windows Steam client.
– After install. Close the install wizard properly.
– Click play to launch Steam. Login with your Steam account.
– When you own the game already in Steam, click install in your game library. If not use the links here to get it.
– After download click play! Have fun!

Go to the Rise of Nations Extended edition for Mac game page for more info up here…

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Rise of Nations Extended edition for Mac

Rise of Nations Extended edition for Mac

Love the work we do? Become a Patron… and get extra Tiers!

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