Rome Total War: Alexander released for the Mac!

Great news, I remembered in the past that someone asked me to port the Windows version of Rome Total War so he would be able to play Alexander as well. Well, this isn’t needed anymore! Because since a few days Rome: Total War – Alexander (Mac) is been natively released for the Mac! This Mac expansion is now available on Gamersgate and requires the original Rome: Total War Gold Edition (Mac) game in order to play it. If you don’t remember the game, then let the trailer below refresh your mind :)

Rome: Total War: Alexander is the second expansion for Rome: Total War. It is set in an earlier time period, putting the player in the role of Alexander the Great. It begins with Alexander’s ascension to the Macedonian throne in 336 BC and lasts for 100 turns, each of which, unlike the original game and the first expansion, Barbarian Invasion, do not represent six months (assuming that it follows Alexander’s actual reign of thirteen years, each turn would represent nearly seven weeks). The game is much the same as the original Rome: Total War, but with fewer factions, different units, and a different map. The player’s goal is to conquer 30 provinces, including key cities such as Tyre, Halicarnassus and Babylon, within the 100 turn limit.

I created a game page on the site for this expansion here…

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