Salvage Youth for the Mac!

Another free game for today! This time a game called Salvage Youth! Salvage youth is a puzzle game with the same ingredients as Gobliiins. You control three characters with each it’s capabilities and use them to reach your goal. Graphics are great, and may slow down the game if you put everything on high. My advise is to set the graphics on simple and resolution native to your Mac. Then it should run fine for you. I played one level on my Nvidia 640M iMac and it worked great :) Check out the trailer to get to know the game a bit. Have fun!

Salvage Youth is a beautiful 2.5D Platform game from some Students of the DigiPen University. We take over the role of some kids who got special abilities which in sum, help us to master the level. Jenny can interact, Stu can pickup and throw things and Dustin is good in jumping and sprinting. Our goal is to build up the rocket to fly to our parents which left us behind when they flew from Earth.

Download the Wrapper with the game preinstalled up here… 

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