Sam & Max Hit the Road released for Mac!

Sam & Max Hit the Road for Mac, the very first point-and-click adventure game starring the furry freelance police duo, is available for Windows, Mac OS X  (for the first time in digital distribution) on, for only $5.99! Below a video trailer of the intro with some game-play visuals. Enjoy this golden oldie on your Mac!

Grab your nightstick, squeal like a siren, and Sam & Max Hit the Road, Freelance Police, as they attempt to crack their toughest case. Sam (a canine shamus) and Max (a hyperkinetic rabbity thing) are hot on the trail of a runaway carnival bigfoot across America’s quirky underbelly in this deranged animated adventure! Solving this case is up to you! You direct the actions of Sam & Max, tearing down the road with mayhem on their minds and Corn Duds™ on their breath, on a peril-fraught mission to make the world safe for Sasquatches and sentient mammals everywhere! Based on Steve Purcell’s unconventional cult comic books, Sam & Max will take you on an irreverent road trip adventure that will put hair on your back. Collide with tacky tourist traps and intimidate their bizarre denizens.

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