Samorost2 released for Mac!

Samorost2 is super weird. It’s weird all around. The premise is weird – you’re a gnome-like creature living on a tiny tree planet. Two mysterious, angry looking aliens land near your house and capture your dog, there’s little you can do but lift off in your bottle rocket and get him back. The graphics are weird – the universe is a surreal collage of pastel colored textures and photography. The music is so weird, its award winning. Samorost2 is not a complex experience, it features no inventory or dialogue instead opting for a serene set of scenes to be solved and manipulated. Half game, half art, all greatness. The game is now released on and has a 25% discount for the first week!

This is the sequel to the free Samorost, and this time, you have two parts in this game. The first part is where aliens from another planet come and steal your dog. So Gnome goes off to the alien planet and rescues his dog. In the second part of the game, you have to get back home, after your spaceship crashes.

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