Search engine finished + Tiberian Dawn added to Portingkit!

Alright! I ran though all games (as you may see a lot is still orange) so all games (except perhaps a few games added to the Porting Kit by Madgamer123) should be have its own game page visible on the website! Also a small bug is fixed on the search page showing the ranking-stars wrong (the opposite, for example instead 5 bright stars, it was showed 5 grey stars).

Then! On many request! I made a VIP game a free full game in Porting Kit! Yes I talk about C&C Tiberian Dawn (the first C&C game)! It contains the game + campaigns/extra missions including videos + Online Multiplayer using cncnet 5. I made it as stable as I could, so it may crash once in few missions, so do save once in a while. That’s a burden you should have to take when you can play this awesome free game! You do need the latest Porting Kit version in order to play it, so make sure you updated Porting Kit before downloading.

After playing about 3 hours with trial and error, see screenshot 1 and screenshot 2 for the best settings in the C&C config.

If you like the port then please consider donating to the project. Have fun!

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