Settlers 6 – Rise of an Empire for Mac

On many request, and finally it is here: Settlers 6 – Rise of an Empire for Mac! One of the latest Wine versions fixed one of the last bugs related to the game, and now its fully playable without massive bugs :) And now it’s added to Porting Kit!

If you like the Settler’s series, then we have also Settlers II Gold and Settlers II – 10th Anniversary, Settlers IV and Settlers V for you! Have fun!

In The Settlers®: Rise of an Empire – Gold Edition, the player creates their own empire of bustling cities in a captivating medieval world. However, threats are always looming so you must be prepared to defend your mighty kingdom.

Install is Simple:
1. Get Porting Kit or Crossover if you don’t have it yet.
2. Then download the setup file from Settlers 6 – Rise of an Empire from GOG (Remember to download the “offline backup setup files” into your download folder.
3. Then in Porting Kit search the game in the library –> server tab and click install.
4. After installation of the game, “exit” the GOG installer.
5. Click “Play” to start the game! Have fun!

Go to the Settlers 6 – Rise of an Empire game page for more info up here…

Love the work we do? Become a Patron… and get extra Tiers!

Love the work we do? Become a Patron… and get extra Tiers!

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  1. The GOG purchase of settlers 6 gold edition comes with the eastern realm expansion pack. I can’t seem to load the expansion through the porting kit, is it not available?

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