ShinyLoot joins as game sponsor on!

Good news, we have another game sponsor who joined the crusade. The new sponsor is ShinyLoot! ShinyLoot is a game distributor (with about 300 games at the moment) focused on especially Indie games and more, which contain no DRM or in a few cases uses a serial. They claim to be anti-DRM which is in my opinion THE way of thinking, just as does. You can read their complete vision about it up here…. Their game collection contains Windows games from which quite a number for the Mac as well. Because they are indie focused, they have quite a number of games in their collection and Gamersgate doesn’t have. So this is a nice extra besides Gamersgate and They will sponsor me as well (just like Gamersgate and games so I can test and use them to port those to the Mac.

I made a banner on the blog sidebar to show they are an official sponsor now. Welcome aboard ShinyLoot!

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