Soldier of Fortune: Community Edition for Mac!

A very nice free action game for today! Who doesn’t know Soldier of Fortune? If no, then check the trailer below. Well, this is the “Community Edition” which is basically the Soldier of Fortune Platinum Edition + more! I tested singleplayer + multiplayer, which works just fine. Enjoy this great free action game!.

First download the Soldiers of Furtune Setup file from the SoF1 Website manually into your download folder. Then simply download the Portingkit (if you don’t have it already) and go to the library –> server tab and select the “Soldier of Fortune: CE 6.1” game and click “Download” to download and create the Wrapper. The Portingkit will automatically recognize the setup file in the download folder and will start the installation. After installation the Portingkit will say the installation was done successfully. Then go to your “local” tab where you can select the game and click “play”!

Download the Portingkit up here…

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