Some more game port fixes!

Maintenance of game ports is an important job of all the thousands of ports in the Porting Kit database. When we hear reports of issues then we look into it and when it seems a general problem or for some specific Mac (Apple Silicon or specific GFX cards), then we try to fix that. So here an overview of some ports I updated last week to fix some specific issues:

Age of Empires 2 HD (2013)  (Fixed steam bug and a game launch bug)
Fable Anniversary (Fixed game launch bug)
Jurassic Park – Operation Genesis (Fixed installation bug)
Ys Seven (Fixed graphical glitch bug)
Dragon’s Dogma – Dark Arisen ( Fixed launch bug)

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  1. Paul, when you issue a game update, the game needs to be reinstalled to take advantage of it, correct?

  2. Correct.

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