Some more games added to the Portingkit!

While Vitor is doing a great job updating the Portingkit with new features, I am adding and updating more games to the Portingkit. Here a new list with the latest games added to the Portingkit:

To start with I added and updated the 4 Steam games of Men of War. Men of War Assault Squad and the sequal Assault Squad 2. Then also Men of War Vietnam and Men of War Condemned Heroes. The other 2, Men of War and Red Tide, will follow later this week. Then I added the 2 games from the Tropico Reloaded package (for both and Gamersgate), Tropico + DLC Paradise Island and Tropico 2 – Pirate Cove. Both games needs their own download file in the Portingkit.Last but not least I added also Deus Ex (with major fixes comparing with the old Wrapper).

So if you don’t own the Portingkit yet, download the app up here…

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