Some new Wrapper fixes!

When testing games for Big Sur, I ran into a bunch of games which seems to have some issues with Catalina/Big Sur which I haven’t tested with Catalina yet and fixed them. If you see a game below which you tried on Catalina before and didn’t work, please try again with the updated port. This is also a call to everyone, if you have Catalina and a game in the database is not working, please teport them so I can try to fix them.

Fixed games for Catalina/Big Sur (and sometimes for all 10.11+ Mac OS versions):
Far Cry 2 (fixed path to game)
Oddworld – Abe’s Oddyssee (Made Catalina and Big Sur Compatible + path fix)
Oddworld – Abe’s Exodus (Made Catalina and Big Sur Compatible + path fix)
World of Conflict (fixed startup issue)
Sins of a Solar Empire – Rebellion (fixed crash on startup)
Titan Quest Aniversary edition (Legacy version only works)
Orcs Must Die (fixed steam black screen)
Orcs Must Die 2  (fixed steam black screen)
The Elder Scrolls 1 – Arena (fixed laggg/slowness)
Mass Effect 2 (fixed steam black screen)

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