Some Winetricks issues! We are working on it! (Resolved by PK4 update)

Update: And totally fixed now in Porting Kit 4 :) The fix will be implemented on Porting Kit 3 as well in a new update. IF you are on Mac OS Mojave/Catalina/Big Sur and you still have Porting Kit 3, we encourage you to go to Porting Kit 4 beta as soon as possible. Download it from the porting Kit website here…

Update: Seems it’s not completely fixed yet. seems there are multiple directx9 versions which are used in winetricks. We are adding these in the backup server, so we expect a full fix later today.

Update: Fallback is in place!! It took a day longer then we wanted, but finally the issue in Winetricks has been addressed and we created a fallback that, if something like this happens again we aren’t dependent on a third party. The backup option required an update of PK4 and has been pushed a few hours back.

So if you read this, and didn’t saw an update yet. Restart Porting Kit and go to library tab for the update.Then!! Install the ports again which you want.

A quick heads up. We are working on an Winetrick issue (directx) at the moment. Some winetricks require directx and somehow that doesn’t download which ends in the failure of a Winetrick. Tricks like:

This ends an installation of a port prematurely. We are aware of the issue and working on the problem. So if you run into port installation failures, then don’t panic, we are working on the issue, keep a close eye on the blog when it should be fixed and then when green light retry the installation of the port. The issue counts only for the people who never did a directx9 trick in the past. IF you did with another game you are safe because every Winetrick gets cached.

We hope to have this fixed today.

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  1. Hi, has this issue been resolved? Thank you in advance!

  2. Yes it should be fixed now.

  3. Star Wars Battlefront Classic on Macbook Air M1 w/ gog-Gaming exe worked for a couple of games, but never had sound. Rebooted Macbook and now it gets stuck while booting. Just shows a small black screen. Any Idea? Thank you in advance and big props for the great support/application!

  4. Dragon Age still seems to crash, the config utility states that DX isn’t installed

  5. Games needs to be reinstalled. If you after re-install (also means deleting old wrapper if its there) have still same issue you might need to delete the content of the cache folder:


    And then retry installing. When still issues contact me using “advanced” –> “report problem”

  6. Thanks Paul,

    thank you for your quick reply. tried your tips. Unfortunately still does not work. Just reported the problem w/ all the information. Looking forward hearing from you! Thanks again for the great work!


  7. Winetricks resolved the problem as well on their side. So the workaround we provided will still be in place for the future, but won’t be used as long its working as attended.

  8. Hi just installed porting kit 4 (beta)

    After installing it the program seems stuck on “downloading update” any clue how long this normally takes or what I can do?


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