Spacecom released for Mac

Spacecom has been released for Mac yesterday on and Gamersgate. Spacecom is a strategic-to-the-bone, starfleet command game with a heavy focus on multiplayer. Spacecom is a battle of strategists in which deception, smart movement, and choices to battle decide victory or defeat. Some nice features are: Heavy focus on multiplayer – dominate up to 6 players per map and Minimalistic visual design inspired by military technology. For more info about the game and some game-play, check the trailer below.

No coincidence, no luck. Spacecom pushes your ability to strategize with a focus on real-time tactics and planning. Use proven maneuvers learned from military legends or devise your own plans. Dominate your enemies in planetary systems with up to six players per campaign. Most of all, you’ll need a bright mind, cunning, and sound tactics.

Get this new Mac game on up here… or on Gamersgate here…

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