Special Thanks!

We want give our “Special Thanks” to our Patrons supporting us to exist!

Special thanks to:
– Vitor Miranda des Marques (our main Porting Kit developer)
– Dean Greer (Unofficial Wineskin Developer and helps with creating Engines)
– Gijs Vermeulen (Wine Developer and helps with Engines helps maintaining Wintricks)
– Stuart Ludwig, testing and done tons of artwork like icons and banners for Paulthetall.com/Portingkit.com

Amazing Patrons:
– Mihir Kedia
– Colin Bieck
– Diego Macedo
– Vivek Dandekar
– Mark Holden-Brown
– Michal Tvrzník
– Jesse Hibbs
– Fraser Orr
– Ben Cunningham
– Hunter McBee
– Daniel Thomas
– Damir Islamgulov
– Alanah
– James Cates
– Frankie Z
– Korod
– Amy Grier
– Elisa
– John P
– Alexander Kaltsas
– Benjamin F.
– Mihir Kedia
– Richard Montado

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