Spelunky (2008) and Spelunky (2013) Wrappers!

And yet even more new Wrappers! This time for 2 platform games called Spelunky. “Wait 2 games with the same game?” Yes, the first one is the free game Spelunky (2008), and the second one is the Remake of Spelunky created in 2013. For Spelunky (2008) I created a Wrapper containing the full game pre-configured, and for the Remake version only the Wrapper because it is a commercial game. The Spelunky Remake is inlcuded in the: pick 5 save up to 90% sale, so if you don’t own it yet, then this is the time to get! You can use that game to install the game into the Wrapper and play!

Go to the Spelunky game page up here…

Spelunky 2008 spelunky

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