Star Trek: Starfleet Command Gold Edition for Mac!

Command over 50 unique campaign missions generated by the Dynaverse engine, or reenact classic scenarios from the original series. Gold Edition features an additional 3 new Federation missions, 3 new Klingon missions, 10 new Hydran missions 7 new Gorn missions, 3 new Romulan missions, and more! I tested the game in the Portingkit and works just fine on even on my Intel HD 4000 Macbook air.

Based on a strategy board game, Star Fleet Battles, Star Trek™: Starfleet Command Gold Edition puts you in the captain’s chair of a frigate. Each successful mission gains you prestige and furthers your career. Experience a 30 year campaign that can take you as far as becoming a Rear Admiral in control of a task force including Destroyers, Heavy Cruisers, and Dreadnoughts.

I made the port available as Crosstie and for the Portingkit. So for the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here… and to learn more about Crossover go here…

Get the updated file in the Portingkit here… or if you use Crossover the Crosstie here…

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