Steam client issues resolved and more news about Portingkit / Catalina support!

Steam Client issues Resolved!
Great news! The Steam client issues which has been around for a few months (but with workaround), has finally been resolved! The Steam-ports has been updated (couple ones left, will be done today and tomorrow Already done) and if you have a steam game installed and you want it to be fixed, it is required to delete the old port and reinstall the new/updated one. The fix also includes a working steam chat and a working store :)

Catalina 10.15*x OS support!
Besides this great news, we have other news as well. Very soon we will bring out an update of Porting Kit which is compatible with Catalina… BUT!!! Will work only with SIP disabled at the moment. SIP makes your Mac more secure, but with it’s limitations at prevents to let Porting Kit work properly. We are working on that, so if you prefer your Mac to optimal secure, then I advise to use Crossover for now until we have it working with SIP enabled as well. But for the people who don’t care about SIP and cannot wait, the option is there to use Porting Kit in Catalina when the update comes out :) Besides that it will still contain a few bugs (like it will ask to approve key-input in security with every launch of a game).

Other news!
Other existing bugs, like the “main exe not found” and some bonus error messages (besides the basic GOG installer error notifications) after an installation of the game, we think we found a fix for that as well and will be implemented in the next Porting Kit update! Last but not least, Vitor is working hard to rewrite Porting Kit from scratch so it will be also compatible for Linux and even Windows! But that’s not all, because when it is rewritten, it will be more stable and clean as well because of the renewing code which was old and outdated and containing bugs.

So bear with us for just little while longer before we can release an even better and cooler and more compatible Porting Kit!


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