Steam client issues after Steam update + workaround

I love, why? It has offline installers. Yes they have GOG Galaxy, but they offer the offline setup files where we work with in Porting Kit. The Advantage? Not dependent on cliënt updates. Well, that exactly happened again with the Steam client. They change stuff which breaks things and voila, stuff is not working properly again. There has been 3 more times in the past where we had to do massive changes to make Steam games working properly again in Porting Kit.

The problem (now):
When you update your Steam client for an existing steam game port or installing a new Steam game port, you will be able to login, but the Steam window content will be black/or white… Menu’s are available, but the window content is black/white. As well for your library, the Steam Store, and other tabs.

The Workaround:
Luckily we found a few workarounds for this issue.  We start with the easiest one for the ones who have already a game installed and did the steam update. When you launch Steam you see in your top bar of your Mac screen a Steam bar icon. Right click it and select the game to launch it.

Or you can also use: “Small mode” using the “view” tab. Then it shows your library with the games you have.










The second solution counts also for new installed games:
It takes a bit extra effort, but this solution is allround. Go to te local port in porting kit after installation or when installed already. Then click “more” => “Wineskin tools” ==> “launch wineskin” => “advanced” ==> and there you find the info mentioned in the screenshot below until the text “sandbox”. The last part “-Applaunch xxxxx” is the part you need to add extra. For Age of Empires 2 HD for example that is “-applaunch 221380” (without quotes). You can find the app ID for your game in your browser when you go to the specific steam page for example:

So use the App ID number of the specific game to add the -applaunch flag. Make sure there is a space between the “sandbox” and the  “-applaunch” as mentioned in the screenshot. This last fix will result that when you launch the game/steam the first time, it will automatically come with the notification to install it. Accept it, and let it install the game. When installed, you can use the first fix mentioned using the Steam icon in top bar to launch it, or close steam and start it again using the play button. When you launch Steam, when the game is already installed, it will start the game instantly. When this issue is addressed in Wine, we will apply the fix in all the Steam game ports as well. We keep you informed!

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