Steam connection issue + fix

Maybe you found out yourself lately regarding logging into steam, but there seems to be a specific issue with Steam at the moment that logging into steam takes a while. Besides that the store and library may be black as well.  The cause is that on every launch, Steam now randomly picks whether to use UDP or WebSockets to connect to the servers, and WebSockets don’t work under Wine for some reason.

You can fix all the issues (slow login and the black screens) by using these settings in screenshot. We are at the moment looking to automate this on startup, so no actions are required.

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  1. I tried the fix in the screenschot, but the only different box from my settings was font smoothing… so it didn’t solve the problem. :/

  2. The problem is still there and whenever I launch steam it’s stuck on “Connecting Steam Account” and nothing happens. I’ve been stuck on this problem for days and days. Please help me find a fix! Thank you!

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