Supreme Ruler 2010 for Mac!

Supreme Ruler 2010 for Mac represents the next generation of strategy game. Not another build and attack ‘click fest’, but a challenging simulation of political and military leadership. You control the agenda of your region as you maintain its economy, grow the support of your population, and strive to influence your neighbors. Through skilled management your influence and popularity will grow… This game is re-released on now at a great price of only $5,99, which you can use in combination with the portingkit to play it on your Mac. I tested the game and works great on my Nvidia 640M and Intel Graphics Card. Played about 30 minutes without any problems. I made a basic video instruction about how to install a game in the Portingkit below. Have fun!

In-game you will notice graphical glitches, go to the in-game video settings and turn on “Nvidia Driver Optimal Settings“, then its fixed. Have fun!  For more info about porting go up here…

Download the Portingkit up here…

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