Survey: What do you wish to be changed in Porting Kit? has been around about 10 years and Porting Kit about 5 years. We had Porting Kit 3, and were forced to move over to Porting Kit 4 because all of Apple changes in the OS and environment and hardware. But besides that…is Porting Kit satisfactory? Do you miss things, or is the GUI not logic? There seems to be regularly confusion about the working of Porting Kit. What do we miss? where can we improve?

We want to have your input on that. How can we make Porting Kit more logic and easy to use for everyone. Please comment on this post to post things where we can improve on the GUI/logic-ness of Porting Kit. Yes “technically” we may have some things left to work on especially for M1 Apple Silicon Macs, but in this we are dependent on Apple fixes/support in Rosetta and Wine development.

We love to hear from you :)

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  1. I’d love to see better Epic-Games support. There’s the command line “legendary” tool that allows for super easy installation of games from the epic store.
    If a Terminal window could be opened on an installed Wrapper, that would already help. Running “legendary launch game-name” from the command line would then need to pick up the correct wine version of the wrapper.

  2. Hey Karsten!
    Yup, we are working on that. And the new coming CX21 Engine, may even help some more in that. Same counts for the Origin Client. When CX21 is released we will add a few extra fixes and have that working back again as well if all goes well.

  3. I would love to see 32 bit DirectX 10 support. Games such as Just Cause 2 requires it. So basically, I would love to see games like Just Cause 2 working.

  4. Hey John! There is already quite some d3d10 support already in 32bit. Only Directx11 32-bit is still an issue. Ever tried the game in steambuild 2 wrapper?

  5. I’m trying it as we speak. One sec.

  6. Unfortunately it didn’t work. Just gave me a black screen.

  7. Apple Silicon (M1) support for all of the oldies like HOMM III

  8. @John, I have to check it out myself in that case.

    @Tony, yep, M1 Apple Silicon is a story separately. Although support gets slowly better and better there is still a long way to go to have everything fully supported. About HOM3 specifically I got this message reply yesterday (filled a bug):
    “We have a bug filed based on the ticket you sent earlier this year, but sadly we’ve had no luck fixing it yet. A developer has taken a look and knows what the problem is, but hasn’t managed to fix it yet…”
    So lets hope this will get solved soon. I myself am not a wine developer, so I rely on them to get it fixed.

  9. Oh yeah, another thing that would be interesting is Xbox Live support. I tried to play games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection, but I would always get an error that said I can’t connect to it. The workaround for linux is to install a custom version of Proton, but obviously MacOS is not Linux.

  10. I hope that the Linux support doesn’t mean less development/support for the original macOS demographic?

  11. Run and install using game launchers so that multiplayer, friend, gaming stats and backup/sync features work e.g GoG and steam

  12. 1. Some way to trick games into thinking they are using Nvidia and/or AMD GPUs.

    2. use MoltenVK or MoltenGL so Macs can use Metal e.g Apple GPUS and AMD support at best performance.

  13. 3. Gallery section for Applications

    4. offer tools to improve the games e.g reshader , wide screen injection, patches, mods, alternative clients etc etc

    5. option to use commercial crossover engine in portingkit a long side the open source engines.

    6. dgVoodoo 2 for older games using older directx and Glide APIs.

    7. anything that we can borrow from project Proton to improve compatibility?

  14. @John about Xbox live support. I heard that changes are small on short term, maybe on long term.

    @Andrew – Linux Support => it won’t interfere Mac support and development.

    @Andrew – About Multiplayer and friends. Is on the todo. Backup/sync and game stats, are long term goals.

    @Andrew Moltenvk is only possible for 64bit only games at the moment. We make use of it as much as we can. Take as example Age 2 DE, Skyrim SE, and more. But still MoltenVK has loads of bugs and needs lots of improvements as well.

    @Andrew, Gallery section application — yep, its already there in experimental mode, but I think also in latest update 4.2.7. IF you look in the PK library in the top you see “category” you can flip between, apps, games and all. Application will come a lot as well but we are just a few guys. When the forum will be up again very soon, people can contribute ports as well in the database.

    @andrew, commercial Crossover engines (which they make freely available for use) are already used (and even tweaked better).

    @Andrew dgvoodo 2 for older games —> We are already working (almost finished) on a DOSbox like app within PortingKit.

    @Andrew, about project Proton –> we use a lot Electron so we can be multi platform on Linux and Mac and even Windows. That being said, I am not the Porting Kit programmer (I am doing especially porting itself), but I am sure Vitor, the main tech guy, will do its best to make the app as efficiant as possible.

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