Tex Murphy series for Mac OSX

Game Details:

Welcome to the Tex Murphy series game page! It seems that secretly GOG.com has released all the Tex Murphy games except for Tex Murphy Overseer for the Mac. These Mac games includes: Tex Murphy 1 + 2 (oldies), Tex Murphy: Under a Killing Moon and Tex Murphy: The Pandora Directive. I already own Tex Murphy Overseer and have it ported partly on both Mac but on one its crashes once in a while, so when that’s fixed I will add that one in the series too. Enjoy!

Game Description:
In the Tex Murphy series you play as a private Detective in the future (Around 2040)  where you have to solve mysteries and save the world. Nice features about the game is “Under a Killing Moon” and “The Pandora Detective” that it is more an interactive movie then a simple point and click game, it’s very nicely done and humor guaranteed!


Tex_Murphy mac screenshot 2
Tex murphy mac screenshot 1
tex murphy mac screenshot 3

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