The Book of Unwritten Tales for Mac OSX

Game Details:

Welcome to the Book of Unwritten Tales for Mac game page! A very cool and exited action adventure. It will keep you busy and behind your Mac for long time. This game is now available for Mac and can be puchased on and Gamersgate. Use the ble “buy the Mac game here” button in the slider to buy the game on Gamersgate. Have fun!


Enjoy a turbulent and humorous Point & Click adventure set in an entertaining RPG world. Take Wilbur, Nate, Ivo and Critter on a treasure hunt like no other, encountering weird characters in fantastic environments, and solve challenging puzzles that will tease your brain cells.



[custom_frame_left]book unwritten tales mac screenshot 1[/custom_frame_left]

[custom_frame_left]book unwritten tales mac screenshot 2[/custom_frame_left]

[custom_frame_left]book unwritten tales mac screenshot 3[/custom_frame_left]

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